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  • Partial Refund Policy

    All returned product(s) will be fully inspected. To qualify for a refund, the product(s) must be in new condition and, if possible, with the original sealed packaging intact. We reserve the right to provide a partial refund or refuse a refund if the returned goods are deemed to have been damaged. You can refer to the details of the OnePlus Return Policy here. Please note, the return shipping fee for the rejected items will not be covered by OnePlus.


    Partial Refunds

    You may receive a partial refund in the original form of payment for the items listed below.


    Please note: All returns will be inspected at our service centers. The refund amount will not include the original shipping and handling fee. Should the device not meet the requirements, we reserve the right to reject the return.



    Your Return


    Non-defective items that are returned opened and within
    the item’s return policy period.

    85% of item's purchase price

    Non-defective items that are returned unopened and
    beyond the return policy period.

    50% of item's purchase price

    Items received in the following condition may be subject to
    a partial refund or rejection:

    Items not in original condition, damaged, no retail box,
    missing accessories

    User made physical damage

    Maximum 50% of item's purchase price

    Rejected items will be returned to sender

    Item's outside the limited warranty period.

    0% of item's purchase price