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  • How do I improve battery life and standby time?

    The OnePlus One is equiped with a 3100 mAH battery which means it has outstanding battery life. If you wish to further improve the battery life of your OnePlus One you may follow the steps below: 

    1. Toggle off LTE, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC. Toggle on as needed.

    2. Display Brightness - Turn off Auto Brightness and Reduce Setting Bar to Minimum.

    3. Sign out of Google Latitude, GTalk, G+, Google Now, and Messenger. Disable Location Reporting/History.

    4. Minimize live widgets usage.

    5. Set Display Sleep Setting to 2 Minutes or Less.

    6. A darker wallpaper will ensure a longer battery life. In addition, avoid using live wallpapers as they are known to drain battery life.