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OnePlus 3 Go Big Or Go Home Bundle

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OnePlus 3 Protective Case
Dash Charge Power Adapter
Dash Charge Type-C Cable (100cm)
OnePlus Silver Bullets


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  • Karbon

  • Black Apricot

  • Sandstone

  • Rosewood

  • Bamboo

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency
We’ve custom engineered our Dash Charge adapter to be surprisingly clever. Integrated circuits are built into the adapter itself, so heat is dissipated before it ever reaches your OnePlus 3. This means faster, safer, and cooler charging that never slows down. We subject each Dash Charge Adapter to the most intense safety and durability tests, while several layers of protection and built-in safeguards prevent overheating and overcharging. Portable, light, and blazingly fast, the Dash Charge adapter is always there when you need it, but never for too long.
The Cable You Love, Improved.
At first glance, the Dash Charge Type-C Cable might not look all that different from the OnePlus charging cables you’ve come to know and love. It’s still instantly recognizable and tangle-free thanks to our trademark flat, rollable design - all in quintessential OnePlus red and white. But, the similarities end there. Underneath the premium silicone coating, broad internal cabling made of copper and nickel ensures that power reaches your OnePlus 3 faster and cooler than ever before.

Powerful and Immersive Sound

Created for music lovers, the OnePlus Silver Bullets deliver a truly balanced and immersive listening experience. Your music will get a real boost with our superior dynamic stereo speaker system. Enjoy fluid transitions from treble to mid-range frequencies with dynamic bass response.