The Lab: Shot on OnePlus Edition

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How to join

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What is The Lab?

The Lab harnesses the power of our community to crowdsource feedback on our work. This time around, we’re asking photo enthusiasts to show us their best mobile photography in exchange for the chance to go hands-on with our next device.  

For many people, smartphones are their go-to daily camera. With the right technology in their hands, users can take mobile photography to new heights. We want to bring a device that's truly tailored and perfected for photography lovers. That's why we're looking for voices from the mobile photographer community hear and learn from.  

Think you've got the photography chops? We challenge you to send us your best work! Manage to rise above the crowd, and you'll get the exclusive opportunity to win and share your thoughts.

  • Red Bridge
  • Fwindsperger
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Capri's Faraglioni
  • Filippo Roggi
  • Isle of Capri, Italy
  • AiZhai Bridge
  • Pao Pao
  • Hunan, China

How to Join


Follow our official Instagram account @oneplustech and fill out the form.


Submit 3 pictures from your Instagram account that were taken with a smartphone.


The OnePlus design team will select and get in contact with the final 10.


After the selection process, the 10 reviewers will receive their OnePlus device and start their activities with The Lab.