Customer Support

  • How can I get an India-specific invite?

    In order to receive an India-specific invite (instead of a global invite), we kindly suggest that please set your profile location as “India” on your account.

    Once you've done with your account setting, the following ways can help you to get an India-specific invite:

    - You can get one from a friend who has purchased a OnePlus One through or already, or by participating in our contests and promotions.
    - Sign up to our newsletter, the OnePlus Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or check our Announcements page to be notified when the next batch of invites come out!

    Invites are sent out on a rolling basis and will only become more plentiful as time goes by. Unfortunately, we can't just send you an India-specific invite now, just in order to be fair to others who are also waiting for the One. However there are lots of opportunities to get an invite, stay tuned on our media social to keep top of the news.

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