How to Buy




OnePlus is all about sharing the love of good products.


When you receive an invite from a friend or by participating in our contests, you can use it to buy the One at any time. Some of our exclusive accessories are also invite-only. Invites are sent via email — all you need is a OnePlus account to activate it!

Open Sales


If you don’t have an invite, no worries! We have a special day just for you.


Each week, OnePlus holds an open sale when anyone can buy the One for 24 hours. These open sales start every Tuesday at 08:00 GMT, but keep in mind, Tuesday open sales may not last forever.

Why Two Systems?


Since our original invite-only system, we’ve come a long way.


We scaled up our production and staff, and we feel confident to share the One in larger quantities. Our limited open sales allow everyone to purchase the One, but having an invite means you can buy it whenever you’d like. We're fans of options.