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Logistics Manager

Bangalore, India

  • 3PL Performance Evaluation: Monitor warehouse and logistic supplier’s work; Using KPI to evaluate 3PL’s performance and put forward improvement
  • Daily Warehousing Operation: Coordinate warehousing and logistic to ensure merchandises are timely put on shelves and to control 3PL’s services qualities; Create warehousing and logistic plan
  • Marketing Support: Collaborate with marketing team for timely execution of marketing campaigns
  • Logistic Management: Bulk shipment/last mile/ minute delivery tracking; reverse order management; reverse process systemize and quality inspection work
  • Inventory Management : Cooperate with headquarter to create stock plan, to monitor inventory, and inventory allocation between warehouses;Check inventory regularly and audit; Delivery inventory result and problem
  • Abnormal Handling: Proactively to solve abnormal cases in logistics, such as order handling, end to end delivery services, reverse logistic, inventory management etc.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze data collects from order handling, end to end delivery, reverse logistic; Share data with sales team for strategy planning and logistic improvement
  • Risk Management: Evaluate potential risk in any marketing campaign, daily operation (order handling and end to end delivery) and inventory management; Conduct preventive action to avoid company loss and negative review
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Over 3 years of strong/ relevant experience in E-Commerce Supply Chain Management or Customer Logistics Management, Global Logistics Planning
  • Advanced communication and negotiation skills
  • Advanced Business English & appropriate language skills as required

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