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HR Specialist

Bangalore, India

  • Handle the entire life cycle of an Employee - from hiring, on-boarding till separation. 
  • Ensure implementation of key processes and capabilities to support learning and growth for the organization 
  • Acquire and retain talent appropriate for current vacancies 
  • Coordinate with the headquarters to identify hiring needs and recruiting plans
  • Partner with the marketing team to increase visibility and attract the right talent 
  • Schedule and conduct telephonic and face-to-face interviews, share feedback with the hiring managers for their interaction with the potential candidates
  • Manage Employee life cycle processes and actively improve them to enhance employee experience 
  • Respond to questions and resolve issues for employees
  • Extend and close employment offers and create engagement until on-boarding is complete
  • Perform research in support of sourcing efforts to identify the most effective places to target to get the best candidates (e.g., competitors, firms in related, recruitment firms, cross-over fields such as branding, marketing and other design). 
  • Lead position advertising, posting, and sourcing efforts-online. This includes but is not limited to posting jobs and mining passive candidates at relevant online job boards such as LinkedIn
  • Drive employee engagement activities and ensure employee satisfaction
  • Capable to build HR processes for the company
  • Capable to handle HR operations
  • Graduate in BA/BS degree or any other equivalent courses 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Prior experience of 3-5 years required 
  • Comprehensive grasp of HR roles, responsibilities and its capacity impact corporate goals 
  • Core capacity to implement HR and admin at every conceivable interface 
  • Required to interact effectively with individuals at all levels 
  • Ability to build, develop and implement new ideas, at every level of the organization 
  • Intelligent and self-motivated individual, willing to work hard, to achieve and exceed targets
  • Experience of working on Payroll and HRIS will be preferred 
  • Flexible with working for long and unpredictable hours - Computer skills (absolutely necessary)
  • Willing to immediately relocate to Bangalore

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