Customer Support

  • How do I repair or return my device?

    Please see below for a quick step-by-step tutorial for creating an RMA:

    Step 1: Head over to your "My Orders" page and click the 'service request' button to begin your repair and warranty claim.
    Step 2: Select RMA Type. You can select Return, Replacement, or Repair.
    Step 3: Choose the "Items".
    Step 4: Fill in "Reasons" and upload an attachment.
    Step 5: Confirm your email.
    Step 6: Choose or input an address.
    Step 7: Submit the RMA request.

    If you successfully submitted the RMA, you can find it under My Account > Service Request.

    Please note: Self Service RMA is only applicable to devices purchased on You will need to contact OnePlus Customer Support Team if you purchased your device from one of our official distributors.