Customer Support

  • What happens to my device once I send it back to OnePlus?

    We will send you an email containing your shipping label and pick-up courier contact details within 1 business day. We will try to arrange the pick-up date based on your preference, but the courier will confirm with you the actual date and time over the phone.

    Meanwhile, please back up and delete any data stored on the device, remove all SIM cards, and disable any device locks or passwords. OnePlus and Li Tong Group will not be responsible for any data loss that maybe caused during reconfiguration and/or transfer of the trade-in product.

    We need 3 business days to carry out a condition assessment of the trade-in product. If the condition matches the one above, we will send you details of your voucher(s) and/or cashback within 2 business days.

    If the condition doesn't match, we will double-check the product and send you an email with a new quote for you to confirm. If you decline or fail to respond within 7 days, we will send the product back the address listed above.